What people say about New Life Church

Here are some comments from visitors, past and current members of our Church in Gibraltar.

words 1Growing up in a church in Africa, and moving to Europe and then moving to Gibraltar I was looking for a place to worship God, worshiping a living Christ, I then came to New Life Church, I was blessed, the people there are wonderful, they have become my family. So I now have a new family of God here in Gibraltar in New Life Church. (Dami E)

I love New Life Church because it has helped me get closer to God, and helped me to understand my relationship with God. The people are loving and friendly, they feel as though they are part of my family. (Sarah E)

I feel very much at home in the meetings because I really feel I am part of a family. It is more like a familywords 2 reunion than a meeting. Our meetings are very down to earth and open. The Word is very direct and speaks to me. It is not like being able to hide in a crowd. There is a wonderful sense of freedom during worship and in it you feel the presence of God. (Hazel).

I see us as very family orientated and scripture based. Being a part of a New Testament style church is both challenging and exciting. We are informal but orderly, allowing God to move throughout our meeting. I am excited when I think of what God has in store as everyone plays their part. (Feli)

word 3Being so far away from home (USA) it always amazes me how God has always provided us a family through His church. New Life has been no exception. Our meetings have a sense of real worship in Spirit and Truth. The Word is straight from the Bible and very practical. (Mel)

New Life is very homely, united and like a family. Most of the time we are really enthusiastic. We have a lot of laughs together. Meetings are very encouraging and in worship we sing about the Church and what God has done for us. (Louise)

New Life is a very loving church and we have good friendships with one another. The worship is enjoyable and most of the time the Word seems directly relevant to what I am going through. (Stuart A)

Climbing the Rock

I would describe New Life Church as a fellowship where I feel comfortable and at home yet challenged to live a Christ centered life. A place where relationships with both God and His people have room to mature and grow. Our worship times are both encouraging and enjoyable with praise/worship/adoration songs. During the worship time there is room for reading scripture, prophecy, testimony, prayer etc. The preaching is cross centered, Bible based, grace-filled, and encouraging and life changing. I normally leave having been touch by God in some way, either through the worship, the preaching or our fellowship time. (Stuart B)