My life was a life full of love from God, for both my parents were Christians. They used to take me to Church every Sunday as they were able.

I was brought up listening to the name Jesus and that name has stayed in my mind all my life. I always had a desire to serve this Jesus for I had believed in my heart in the Lord Jesus since I was a little boy.

When I became a teenager I became very bitter and rebellious towards my parents. I was bitter because my father turned to alcohol when I was at the age of eight which nearly destroyed my family.

I started taking drugs and a few disturbing things happened to me which affected my life and my mind in a very negative way.

As a teenager I wanted to became a drug dealer of cannabis, and my belief on God began fading away.  But deep down I knew He existed. Sometimes I look back and I think to myself, how did I get out of that mess? Now I know it was the Lord God Almighty.

After my teenage years I became very sick in my mind and was admitted into the local mental hospital. For many years I suffered  with confusion, depression and paranoia but I know that Christ Jesus was with me through all the torment and confusion.

After years of confusion and depression I became really well in my mind and started to work in a private horticultural company. At that time I was clean from cannabis, but where I worked there were people who took cannabis and it was really difficult not to want to smoke the stuff.

I fell back into smoking again. I saw myself falling into a deep hole which seemed impossible to come out of. I was like this for about five years. I was not smoking intensely as I was on and off all the time. I could not make a decision to give it up. So again I was going through a hard time but I stuck to the jobs the company gave me.

I could be here talking about myself and what I have been through, but the One who I want to give the glory to is God. He has been with me and He has protected me, and has loved me, and looked after me.

Now I have become a member of New Life Church. I have been going nearly every Sunday and also to the men’s socials and Bible studies. I have fallen a few times into smoking drugs but every time I have fallen I have turned back to Jesus and He has forgiven me. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I know that it is a future full of hope.