Men’s Meeting

Men’s meetings are held weekly on a Tuesday for Bible Study.  Once a month we go out for fellowship. Both start at 7pm.  It is a time to not only Study the Word of God, but also to build relationships with the other men in the Church.

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Perhaps the best way to get an idea of what our men’s meetings are like is to let some of the men speak for themselves.

Attending the men’s meetings on a weekly basis has proved to be a valuable opportunity for fellowship and the study of God’s Word.  The meetings offer a relaxed environment where those attending can openly discuss all matters relating to their walk with Jesus and the fact that these meetings are attended by both mature and new Christians, means that all sorts of discussions arise.  New Life Church meetings are the highlight of the week for me, after the Sunday Service. (Richard)

New Life Church men’s meetings are always fun and informative. They are a place where you can get to know your brothers in Christ and God at the same time. It is a safe place to grow and mature into the Man God intends you to be. No subject is off the cards as we have deep discussions on God and His Word.  It helps us to stretch our thinking and our theology. If you want to grow as a Christian, I can not recommend the men’s meetings enough.(Stuart B)

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For more details of New Life Churches mid-week meetings
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