Men’s Meeting

Men’s meetings are held weekly on alternate Wednesdays for Bible Study, and alternate Tuesdays for fellowship. Both start at 8:30pm.  It is a time to not only Study the Word of God, but also to build relationships with the other men in the Church.

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Perhaps the best way to get an idea of what our men’s meetings are like is to let some of the men speak for themselves.

Attending the men’s meetings on a weekly basis has proved to be a valuable opportunity for fellowship and the study of God’s Word.  The meetings offer a relaxed environment where those attending can openly discuss all matters relating to their walk with Jesus and the fact that these meetings are attended by both mature and new Christians, means that all sorts of discussions arise.  New Life Church meetings are the highlight of the week for me, after the Sunday Service. (Richard)

New Life Church men’s meetings have served to give me a sense of security in fellowship with other with other Christians.  Furthermore mens 2in the few months of committing to the men’s meetings, I feel that my understanding of the role of  a church and its’ congregation has increased substantially.  I have come to understand that I need these people with whom I have formed strong ties.  The value I attribute to the men’s meetings within my life is extensive, since it has so far brought growth, security and trust into my life.  I must firmly claim that these meetings are wholly beneficial and would even venture to say, essential. (Colan)

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Men from the Church having a time of fellowship.

The guys welcomed me with open arms and open hearts.  I never felt judged or lectured, but always felt supported.  Knowing myself as I do, my relationship with God had to start New Life Church. (Dario)

For more details of New Life Churches mid-week meetings please contact: +350 54007924